Voice actor and copy writer; known for my quick wit and dark humor. Low key narcissist, Carnivore, and a Biker. Definitely one lab accident away from being a super-villain.

  Art, Music, Theater, Literature, and Food. Those are some of the things i’m most passionate about.  I am a media content creator and digital media is my playing field.  When i’m not on radio, i write and i curate content for digital media. Women First. Africa First.  That’s my media philosophy.       […]

  I create and produce media content across all platforms.  I love to discuss business, sports, entertainment, political, and current affairs and i consider myself a content management expert.  I have a certificate in Broadcast Journalism from the New York Film Academy, and when i’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family, at the […]

    I absolutely enjoy meeting and working with people. I love to read and i love dancing too! I am an advocate for promoting and empowering Nigerian women and i use all my  platforms to support women as much as possible. I am also an Ambassador at War Against Rape initiative and Founder of […]

I’m a broadcaster and voice actor with a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos.  I Love music and nothing gives me joy more than discovering and promoting Good Music. Bragging Rights; I’m a two-time ELOY awards nominee in the “on-air personality of the year category” (2013 & 2014) and i was the […]

  I studied TV Film production and Broadcast presentation at  the International Film & Broadcast academy. At the moment, i am a man of many parts; an audio production engineer, voice over actor, singer, photographer and filmmaker.  I also have a business administration degree from the Lagos State University. I love music and i’m always […]

I’ve been on radio for 16 years and i’m going to be around for a long time. I’m a movie buff, I produce and i critique. The smooth philosophy of “Love music, love life” align very well with mine. I love music, and i love life!

  I am passionate about life and love and i always see the glass as half full. I do have a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos and Documentary Film making from the Nigerian Film Institute. I love a good story. (In whatever form it comes!) Bragging rights; I have been a […]

  I started collecting records at the age of 12 and by then, i knew that music will play a major part in my life. I used to listen to a lot of radio when growing up and was always fascinated by the voices i heard on the other side of the radio. Then the […]

  Journalism is second nature to me.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan and a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Nigeria. I am also proud to be an alumnus of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, St. Petersburg, Florida. I […]

  I am a quintessential broadcast- globetrotter looking for the “newsy” side of every situation at home and abroad. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism.  

  I’m always looking for opportunities to create sports leadership and journalism opportunities for girls and women in Nigeria.  I am a sports producer and presenter and the founder of the Ladies in Sport Conference. I also work to create a platform where coaches, athletes, administrators, and policymakers in African sport can meet with corporations […]

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