Dear Curators & Fans Of Mainstream Music, BRYMO Has A Word For You

Written by on October 18, 2019

Dear curators and fans of mainstream music , always remember that it’s the alternative movements that is reshaping and inspiring your evolution.

Stop being disrespectful by insisting that we are struggling, we are the truth at the foundation of your bogus wins. 

By 2012 the scene was in creative rot, the A-listers were burnt out, and everyone was gunning for only greater success. Jesse jagz and I had long sleepless nights and conversations about how winning had taken over the desire to serve the audience first.

By 2013 we were recording the albums that would reset the industry, and we brought with us truckloads of rebellion. I came up with the term ‘fusion’ and ‘alternative’ as far as Nigerian music is concerned.

Fusion is the method of creativity, alternative is the attitude, not a genre. 

Seven years later A-listers in the mainstream are now expected to perform live! and the scene has even gone as far as promoting a rebel, (although without a cause), as its main act.

Please lift that which you love, don’t bash that which you do not understand.

There’s still work to be done and artistes have a bigger role to play; First we must all be more patriotic to this market. Spending all year aboard and yelling ‘sold out’ while winning artiste of the year in December.

It is a disservice to the profession and the country. 

Award Bodies must desist from honoring acts who didn’t spend at least 70% of the year in review performing and recording locally.

Artistes who do great abroad should be honored in those places; local heroes must be celebrated first.

Government must fund a Nigerian cloud and store that’ll distribute and archive catalogues and antipiracy laws must be enforced, with legislations preventing erratic releases by artistes and labels in place, also enforced.

And before you rush to name the many issues plaguing the polity please remember Steve Jobs; he fell and rose and made all his mistakes and won for himself and his country, he never turned his back on America.

You and me can be Steve. We can touch the world from here. 


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