#Grapevine: “A Collaboration With Tuface Is Loading” – Good Girl LA

Written by on August 29, 2019

Good Girl LA is not your basic pop princess. There’s a depth to her music and vocal that make you stop and pay attention.

Born in Ajegunle, leaving the University of Calabar and leaving home at 19 to pursue a career in music, her tenacity and drive has certainly pushed her to where she is at the moment.

With two singles, colorful music videos and a brand new EP, Good Girl LA is set to take on the world.

We sat down earlier today to chat with her about her journey.

Smooth FM: What’s the story behind your name?

Good Girl LA: (Chuckles) Well, it started with my friends calling me LA, in secondary school but when I uploaded my music, it was quite hard to find me because there were a lot of LAs. My real name is Euphemia, it has a Greek origin and it means good. That was how I came up with the name Good Girl LA.

Smooth FM: How did making music come about for you?

Good Girl LA: Hmmm, I started from church then I went on to audition for a couple of singing competitions and then to being a backup singer.

Afterwards, I came to a point in my life when I just knew I wanted to do music professionally, I didn’t care whether I had funding, a record label or a team.

I just wanted to start and I told myself that even if I had to save money for months to record a song, I would. I told myself I would pay to record my song, I would share it on my social media and hopefully somebody somewhere would see it, like it and share it.

I just knew that was going to happen, so that was what motivated me to just start. That’s how I got to this point right now.

Smooth FM: With the progress you’ve achieved for yourself, do you in anyway feel fulfilled?

Good Girl LA: Not at all. I actually feel more challenged, I feel like I need to be more and do more, I feel the need to be better and stronger.

I want to go further and the truth is that I’m not thinking about where I am right now, even though I’m grateful for this place.

My desire to be better keeps me on my toes because I know it’s not just about getting there but staying there.

Smooth FM: What has been the most challenging thing about your journey as an artist and what do you enjoy the most about your journey?

GOOD Girl LA: The most challenging thing for me has been discipline as regards my crazy schedule. For instance, having to prepare for a 7am interview when you probably had a night show and just got home by 5am.

Having to go the extra mile more than the average person because the truth is you literally have no days off. For instance, the makeup I have on is from yesterday.

Smooth FM: oh really? It still looks good

Good Girl LA: Yeah, I just had to touch it up this morning because I had to rush out for an interview. On the other hand, the fun thing for me in this entire journey is travelling.

I really enjoy meeting new people, especially people who appreciate my music. I just got back from Ghana and it was really nice to see that there are people out there who genuinely like what I’m doing.

Smooth FM: What did you do in Ghana?

Good Girl LA: Well, I was there for a media tour, I also got to work on the remix of my song “Bless Me” with Kuami Eugene and I also met Yvonne Nelson and a couple of amazing people.

It was an awesome experience even though it was quite stressful, I never really stayed in my apartment because there was always somewhere to be.

Smooth FM: Very soon your EP, LA confidential will be released across all platforms, should we expect any other surprise before then?

Good Girl LA: Well, before LA Confidential drops on September 6th, I’m dropping a song with Star boy Terry and my single “Bless Me” has two remixes right now, one with Kuami Eugene from Ghana and another one with Tommy Lee Sparta from Jamaica.

There’s a lot of collaboration coming and I’m really looking forward to all of them

Smooth FM: That’s a good one, so if you had the opportunity to collaborate with two artists you look up to right now, who would you……?

Good Girl LA: Wizkid and Tuface.

Smooth FM: You didn’t even let me finish the question.
Good Girl LA: I know right (Laughs)
I would really love to work with the both of them because they’re both amazing artists who have greatly influenced me.

I’m really looking forward to a collaboration with the both of them especially Tuface, in fact, that one is loading.

Smooth FM: Tell us one random thing about yourself.

Good Girl LA: I would love to say I like food but that’s very cliché so let’s go with this, I like scented candles a lot and I also love colourful and moody lights in dark rooms. So, if I can’t get moody light, I would light a scented candle. I think that’s pretty random.

Smooth FM: It was so nice chatting with you, thank you for making this fun.

Good Girl LA: The pleasure is all mine.


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