#GrapeVine: “I’m Determined To Be A Man Of Integrity” – CalledOutMusic

Written by on September 12, 2019

Samuel ‘CalledOut Music’ Nwachukwu is a music producer, singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Hampshire England.

Growing up in Nigeria, he and his family moved to the Uk when he was 12 years old. He began playing the piano at church aged 7, after his father bought him a keyboard and he’s sparkled with creativity ever since, working as music director in various churches in the Uk.

He started the Gospel ministry ‘Called Out’ with the aim to ‘get people, especially the younger generation to have the belief or mindset that they are called out for service to God’.

We sat down for a chat with him on the #Grapevine today and here’s an excerpt of the conversation.

SMOOTH FM: Who is CalledOut Music and what’s the story behind the name?

CALLED OUT MUSIC: So that people would ask me questions like this! I established the CalledOut Music ministry in my second year of university. I didn’t want to use my actual full name because I wanted people to know it wasn’t about me. I haven’t been called out, we have been called out. I feel like I have been called to be a light. There are so many dark things going on. I feel like I have been called to be a light in people’s lives and then they in others and the domino effect goes on.  (1st Peter 2:9 🙂

SMOOTH FM: Can you describe your creative process and also tell me what influences your music?

CALLED OUT MUSIC: I produce my music, so a song idea could start with a beat or a melody, lyrics or a verse of scripture. I always try to make sure the song is biblical and has truth in it. So the biggest influence is The Bible. Then my life experiences as well as the stories of people who are on this same journey of life as I am.

SMOOTH FM: At what point did you realize you wanted to do music professionally, did you choose music or did music choose you?

CALLED OUT MUSIC: When I was 21, I realised this could be my life. I just didn’t know what sphere. I’m realising that I don’t need to stick to one thing to be happy. So, I do production and songwriting work for many artists as well as looking for new artists to sign and build up to a level where they can spread their wings and fly. So, God called me through the music and I responded so it was mutual.

SMOOTH FM: As an individual and artist, what are the things you hold dear to heart?

CALLED OUT MUSIC: Integrity. I’ve met so many people who lack this in this industry and I’m determined by the grace of God to be a man of integrity in my words and actions. I think your personal life away from the music says a lot about you. What are you like when you’re not on a pulpit or stage or being interviewed? So yeah integrity is my life word!

SMOOTH FM: For a young Nigerian artist living in the UK, you have a large followership and that’s a feat very few artists like you have been able to pull off, so what’s the trick? How did you come to achieve that?

CALLEDOUT MUSIC: I can’t even take any credit for this. If God calls you, He makes room for you! I haven’t done anything different to others, God’s grace has carried me.

SMOOTH FM: Tell us three things you wish you had known before you first started out?

CALLED OUT MUSIC: There’s beauty in imperfection and not having ‘enough’

When you put all your trust in God, He makes your little large!

See beyond the physical. It’s a very long journey, so focus on being a blessing rather than making money.

SMOOTH FM: You will be live in Lagos in a couple of days (Yippeee!!!), what are your expectations and what should your fans expect from the concert as well?

CALLEDOUT MUSIC: I’m so pumped, it’s unreal! Tbh – because I make upbeat music sometimes, there’s a tendency to think it’s just going to be a hype event. Yes, we WILL turn up lol but I want people to leave with the understanding that they have a purpose. That they’re different and can positively impact the world for Christ! I want them to understand they’re CALLEDOUT!

SMOOTH FM: After this, what’s the next move?

CALLEDOUT MUSIC: Rest! Plenty of rest 🙂

SMOOTH FM: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist at the moment who would it be?

CALLEDOUT MUSIC: Tbh I don’t have a list lol – If I like the music I’d wanna work and collab. The artist doesn’t need to be ‘known’. There are so many artists who aren’t known making spirit filled music and when I find them, I always want to work with them!

SMOOTH FM: Random question; What’s your favourite Nigerian delicacy, can you cook it?

CALLED OUT: BEANS & PLANTAIN!!! I can fry plantain but my beans needs a lil more work tbh. That comes with time and Gods Grace 🙂

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