Lindsey Abudei Is Back With New Music & We Can’t Get Enough!

Written by on April 3, 2020

Lindsey Abudei has unveiled ‘One On The Outside’, a song that kicks off work for the release of ‘Kaleidoscope’, her forthcoming EP set to be released later in 2020. 

Its release breaks the three-year hiatus since “…And The Bass Is Queen. “, her exceptional album. 

Sublime and bare, “One On The Outside” is a ballad that draws attention to the feelings of an outlier wanting previous notions of expectations stripped away. Although its literal interpretation paints a relationship scenario, it speaks to the feelings and desires of outliers to be accepted for who they are. 

Lindsey Abudei is a Nigerian-born singer-songwriter whose influences from Rock, Blues, Jazz and artists like Nina Simone, The Beach Boys, Erykah Badu, Eva Cassidy, Sade, Lauryn Hill have shaped an organic, contemporary sound—a fusion of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Alternative. 

Off the back of art and music residencies like her British Council ColabNowNow 2019 Art Residency, Red Bull Music Academy 2018 selection, Radio France Internationale (RFI) Prix Découvertes 2013 Award and the 2018 BANFF Jazz and Creative Music Residency — shared with Grammy-winning musician, Morgan Guerin, Lindsey has had performances in Nigeria, Spain, Mozambique, Spain, the U.S. and Canada. 

Speaking about the new song, Lindsey says, “I’m interested in human experiences in every sphere — my personal ones and of those around me.
As an outlier myself, I am about (finding) freedom— in our selves, our stories, our conversations, our lives and our communion with each other. This song captures this and more.” 

Expressing her feelings about her new and upcoming projects, Lindsey says “It feels like a relief breaking my three-year hiatus and I’m looking forward to the time I can get Kaleidoscope, my EP out, hopefully at the end of 2020.

For now, just like everyone else, schedules have changed with COVID-19 and we are still going to have to figure how to be in recovery but hopefully, we would get around to having it released as soon as possible.”

I don’t want to give away too much but in the last few years since ‘…And The Bass Is Queen.’, the music residencies I’ve been to, put me in spaces where I took in inspiration from other people’s work and gave me opportunities to also work with artists of different disciplines.”

Hopefully, that will have an influence on my next project. Fingers crossed.” 

Listen —> HERE

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