TinTin MedSoul

His initiation into the music scene began at the age of 6 by learning the drums and progressing gradually to playing the piano, blowing the clarinet and mastering the percussions.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1967, Augustine Imevbore a.k.a Tintin the Koolness, moved to Italy with his family at the age of 2 when his father became an official of the United Nations. He attended his early and middle schooling in an international college in Rome until the late 1980s when he left for the U.K to further his studies at the University of Warwick, majoring in politics and sociology.

In 1991, he returned to Italy and put his dj angle to play by working for a renowned, Soul/ R&B station, known as ‘Radio Centro Suono’.

He was a status promoter for the radio and Vj (video jockey) for Orbit Satellite Television, granting him extra audience exposure in the Middle East as well.

Clubs in Italy swiftly welcomed his style of deejaying, snapping him up for work all over the country in clubs such as: Akab, Harlem, Spago, Baja, Blues Cafe, Open bar, Classico, Goa, Cocoa, The Saint, Cafe Latino, Black Planet, Ex-Magazzini, La Vetrina, Atom, Mantra, Woodo, La Saponeria, Millennium, Dry Dock, My Toy, MichelemmଠTribe Notturne, Brumama, Makkeroni, Gasoline, Shocking, Prince, Rock Cafe, Saatchmo, Cabiria, Dune and many more?

Tintin’s transfer to Radio Monte Carlo, Milano in 1999 to conduct the extravagant ‘Monte Carlo nights’ radio show, pushed him further into production, songwriting and recording. His many projects include collaborations and production work for: Twilight records ‘Urban Chill’, dance music productions with Feel Reel records and Dr.Feelx, Italian and International projects with Cenere, Papasun Style, Romina Johnson, Afro Cuba Beat, Gazzara (Irma records), soundtracks for CAM, Six AM project for X-Energy, Gospel music with Chicago Gospel Choir and Beepop/Doowop with the Platters.

The desire to satisfy even the Latin quarter inspired Tintin’s neo-Latino hip-hop debut groove, ‘Baila Cochero’, released on AloMuzik LLC USA in 2001 which was soon followed by the reggaeton inspired top selling single, ‘Chico Te Amo’ released under the umbrella name of ‘TST PROJECT’ on Universal Records, Italia in 2004.

In November 2005, Tintin returned to Nigeria where he began to put his multidirectional skills to the service of the entertainment sector and set up MedSoul, an entertainment solutions company/record label.


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