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Nigerian Soul, Afrobeat and World Music

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Three hours of classic Nigerian, African and world music, a great blend of new sounds and fusion of different styles and genres of music and cultures from around the world. This show offers a great escape as listeners explore the different sounds in Afrobeat, Soul, Funk, Salsa, Jazz all with an African twist, as well as old School Nigerian Music, guest interviews from various parts of Nigeria, Africa and the world.

The Postcards segment gives listeners a peak into the hidden treasures and beautiful spots in Nigeria. It highlights great tourist destinations with rich history, traditions, mysteries, cultures and beautiful sites worth exploring. It also affords listeners the opportunity to learn more about the geography of Nigeria, its music, languages and natural resources.

Destinations is a guide to your next potential holiday spot outside Nigeria. It takes you through the basics of trips to exotic and exciting holiday spots across the world from the best hotels to the most exotic dinning spots, from breathtaking sights to exquisite shopping centres and more, leaving you quite prepared, ready for your next travel alone, or with friends or family.

On The Roll Call, Listeners can send messages registering their presence via our social media platforms, identify themselves, their locations and give their contributions to the day's music, make suggestions and shout outs

On the Kazbah Game Show, listeners get the chance to call in/send messages via social media in order to guess the price of gift items highlighted for the day on the show. The listener who gets the right price of the item or guesses the price closest to the original price gets to win the item for the day!

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The Kazbah crew

I’m a broadcaster and voice actor with a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos.  I Love music and nothing gives me joy more than discovering and promoting Good Music. Bragging Rights; I’m a two-time ELOY awards nominee in the “on-air personality of the year category” (2013 & 2014) and i was the […]

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