How #DettyDecember; Turned Truly Dirty At #Nativeland19 Concert

Written by on December 20, 2019

NATIVELAND party promised to bring the world of The NATIVE online magazine to real life. The idea was supposed to showcase artistes that are the current rave, it was supposed to be a one stop event with clothing brand vendors, food trucks. It was supposed to be THE millenial and Gen Z event that brings online communities to real life, an annual celebration of Nigerian Music.

It tried. It actually did bring people out. Because tickets were sold out. Everybody was going. Sadly, it looked like the organisers were less than prepared to accommodate everyone.

The event held at Muri Okunola park in Victoria Island; an outdoor venue that should have been adequate if crowd control and security measures were properly taken care of. Regular tickets were sold for 10 thousand naira and VIP tickets were 25 thousand. A lot of money that should guarantee safety, security and a good time.

It didn’t. The event started on time but the sound equipment developed a mind of their own (or was it engineering?) At some point, the artist on stage dropped the mic and walked off. It was that bad.

During Fireboy’s performance, the VIP stage fell apart! It was a nightmare from that point. Bodies lumped together sweating, people in the audience developing anxiety attacks, phones getting stolen and a stampede to get out of the venue.

The collapsed VIP section

Oh! And uniformed security men beating on people as they panicked and tried to get out, added more fuel to an already raging fire.

As expected, the reactions on social media have been brutal.

Amid all these, the organisers released a statement apologizing for the mess.

Will there be consequences for putting concert goers through trauma like this? Will there be consequences for overcrowding a venue? Will there be consequences for not making provisions for emergency medical services? Will concert goers be getting a refund? Will there be a lawsuit coming from people injured at the venue?

These are the real questions.

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