#NigeriaAt59: What It Means To Be Nigerian – Rotus

Written by on October 1, 2019

I lack progressive economic factors

Like the agric sector lacks mechanical tractors

My leadership is full of bad actors

Who hang around the UK so much you think they’re looking for a BAFTA

But the only nominations we get are in the poverty awards

Where Boko Haram refuses to sheathe their swords

And we’re still facing fuel subsidy overlords

How can I fight the power when I have no Power

I dug a borehole in my compound so I could take a shower

And you want to tax me, man?

While compounds on Bourdillon are receiving Bullion vans?

Obama said “Yes we can”

But he’s in a foreign land

Where they have the rule of law and structure and the Government is a fan

That my country has no plan IS our plan

Nigeria will make you wish for the fire while you’re in the frying pan

And the youth want a better life with GDP growth and flashy cars

But can’t get to the office with a laptop because of SARS

So they say “I give up, I don’t have the stamina

I’ll just head to the embassy and leave for Canada.”

Written by Aruoture ‘Rotus’ Oddiri

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