Google-owned video giant; YouTube announced on Thursday that creators in its partner program “can now monetize COVID-19 related content.” Like all other monetized content, though, YouTubers who create coronavirus content will need to adhere to the company’s Community and Ad friendly guidelines. According to YouTube it will show a limited number or even no advertisements on […]

Google has agreed to pay $170 million to settle charges that it illegally collected and shared data from children on its YouTube video service, a deal critics said was too soft on the internet giant. The settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and the New York state Attorney General is the largest amount in a […]

Starting today, users enrolled in Google’s Advanced Protection Program, which brings increased security and protections to high-profile Google Account users like journalists, activists, politicians, and business leaders, will get additional safeguards for downloads made in Chrome. To turn on the feature, Google says that a user enrolled in the Advanced Protection Program just needs to turn on Chrome […]

Google’s next flagship Android smartphone will have a face unlock feature and a “Motion Sense” feature that uses radar to recognize hand gestures. Though many phones have a face unlock feature — new iPhones use 3D-based Face ID and Android phones use their own 2D-based facial recognition — Google says it’ll work differently on the Pixel 4. Both Pixel 4’s face unlock and […]

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