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Every Bum is a Beach Bum; Debbie Romeo’s 5 Tips To Help You Plan The Best Beach Parties - SMOOTH 98.1FM

Every Bum is a Beach Bum; Debbie Romeo’s 5 Tips To Help You Plan The Best Beach Parties

Written by on July 30, 2019

Debbie Romeo

I know of about 10 different ways to spell ”mammy water” because I have them spelt in the comment sections of my bikini photos.

How did I become this person?  There are several answers to that but the most important one would be that I have an amazing time at the beach so I really love going back for more.

If you want to peak your beach experiences, here are a few things I do that you may want to know.


I go with people who also love the beach. If they aren’t as excited as you are about spending time at the beach, don’t force them. If they don’t want sand between their toes or saltwater on their newly installed frontal, they are not the beach companions you need. Going with enthusiastic people also means the burden of ‘creating’ a fun experience wont entirely be on you.


I go to beaches that have the least possible amount of company besides those I come with. This means our property is safer & we don’t have to look over our shoulders, shy people do not have to be uncomfortable with too many eyes on their sexy beach bodies & everyone is more likely to have a great time focusing on enjoying the day.


I am always equipped with playing cards, board games, balls, ropes and other things that will boost my beach experience. If everyone engages in games together, you get to know each other better, have a good time together and nobody feels left out of the excitement. Do not depend on the water, sand and a good view to entertain you and your friends.


I have dietary requirements that are more easily met if I cater to myself so I take food everywhere it’s allowed. You will get dehydrated by the salt water & the sun so carry at least 2 bottles of water per person. If you’re not allowed to take food or drinks, ensure that they are stocked with the things you like by calling ahead of your visit. A full belly and hearty laughter go hand in hand.


You need a towel, you need sunscreen and you need a power bank. You need serviettes, you need plastic cups and you need drinks. You need mats, you need a hat and you need flip flops. You need food, you need snacks and you need water. You need speakers, you need a camera and you need a flashlight. You need games, you need games and you need more games.

Happy Bumming To You.

If you’d like to enjoy my version of a great beach day, feel free to send a message to @234beachplease to join the next beach party.

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